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compare gum removal equipment
gum removal, chewing gum removal

compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Daimer® Super Max® Wet Steam Gum Removal Equipment:
Maximum Power in Gum Removal

Is a pressure washer your preferred choice for cleaning exterior surfaces?

Is water readily accessible in the area of your outdoor application?

Are you looking to remove gum spots from large areas quickly and efficiently?

Answering "yes" to any or all of the three questions above may mean that a wet steam pressure cleaner is the best chewing gum removal system for you. Harnessing the power of high temperature, highly powered wet steam can rapidly dissolve and blast away gum wads. In addition, wet steam pressure washers can readily tackle other outdoor applications, including concrete cleaning, grease removal, graffiti removal and more.

Click Here to view select models from Daimer®'s Super Max™ wet steam gum removal machines.

pressure washer, pressure washers

Answering "no"  to any or all of the three questions above, face limited availability of water for cleaning, require a steam cleaner for other commercial applications, or prefer the use of dry team for chewing gum removal, the best system for you is one of Daimer®'s Gum Exterminator® gum removal steam cleaners. Click Here to view the listing of Daimer®'s dry steam chewing gum removing systems.

Opting for Wet Steam


gum removal, chewing gum removal

There are many benefits to chewing wet steam output for removing chewing gum. First, pressure washers are the preferred machine for many outdoor cleaning applications. Thus, opting for Daimer®'s Super Max™ pressure washers enables operators to tackle gum removal, graffiti removal, grease removal, concrete cleaning, and other applications. And with wet steam pressure cleaners available from Daimer® with pressure levels up to 4000 psi and wet steam temperatures up to 330°F, these applications can be completed with ease.

Gum removal steam pressure washers require a readily available water source. However, in areas where water is accessible, gum can be virtually blasted away from sidewalks, concrete, brick and other surfaces completely without leaving behind a watery mess. This is completed through the emission of wet steam comprised of 65% water and 35% steamy vapor.

To see the effectiveness of wet steam pressure cleaners for gum removal, take a look at the before and after shots below of a concrete sidewalk cleaned with the Super Max™ 7000.

wet steam pressure washer, wet steam pressure washers

Wet Steam Pressure Washer Models

To get results like this, take a look at the wet steam pressure washing machines below by Daimer®. In fact, all of Daimer®'s wet steam systems can be used for removing chewing gum. To see all of Daimer®'s Super Max™ models and use the Pressure Washer Finder to set your requirements, Click here.


Super Max 7000SP Steam Pressure Washer

Super Max™ 7000SP

The Super Max™ 7000SP is a robust, wet steam pressure washer that boasts Daimer®'s exclusive Super-HOT™ Super High Temperature Optimized Technology™. With steam temperatures up to 330°F and pressure levels to 1000 psi, the 7000SP quickly dissolves and eradicates gum wads on impact. Concrete cleaning, brick cleaning, grease and graffiti removal, and more can also be tackled with this commanding pressure washer. With temperatures wet steam emission containing 65% water and 35% steam vapor, applications are handled with ease without leaving behind a watery mess.

Super Max 12200 Steam Pressure Washer

Super Max™ 12200

The Super Max™ 12200 is a rugged, versatile, powerful pressure washer designed to rapidly blast away gum spots with pressure levels of 2000 psi, a flow rate of 4 GPM, and high wet steam temperature levels reaching up to 330°F. As a tri-mode system, operators can benefit from the versatile capability to use this system in cold water, hot water, and wet steam modes, with the latter being the best option for dissolving and eliminating gum residues without leaving behind a watery mess.

Super Max 12800 Steam Pressure Washer

Super Max™ 12800

The Super Max™ 12800 is a powerful, mobile, tri-temperature pressure washer designed to tackle a range of demanding commercial and industrial applications, including chewing gum removal. With a pressure level of 1000 psi, flow rate of 2 GPM, and maximum wet steam temperatures reaching 330°F, this system can readily dissolve and remove gum wads, grease, mud, and a host of other deposits with ease. As one of the most versatile systems offered by Daimer®, the 12800 offers three temperature modes and multiple heating methods. Attainable temperature modes include hot water, cold water, and wet steam to meet the needs of different pressure washing applications; while the available heating methods include no. 1 or no. 2 heating oil, kerosene, or diesel.