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compare gum removal equipment
gum removal, chewing gum removal

compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Daimer® Gum Exterminator® & Steam Cleaner Videos

  See a Gum Exterminator® in Action
   Watch Daimer®'s powerful Gum Exterminator® machines in action.
   Witness gum removal at a rapid rate..

  View Daimer's Gum Removal Equipment on TV!
  Watch a television interview with one of Daimer's cleaning contractor
  customers, who went into business with our gum removal equipment.
  Learn how he hearned over $85,000 in just 9 week with his first project.

  See High Pressure Gum Removal in Action
  Discover the power of high pressure chewing gum removal
  with Daimer's rugged wet steam pressure washers.
  The Super MaxT is ideal for gum removal by professionals
  who prefer pressure washers for outdoor cleaning.

  Watch a Video on the Benefits of Daimer's Low-Cost, Durable Brushes
  Daimer Industries® offers the industry's best, most affordable,
  durable steam cleaner brushes for use with KleenJet® machines.
  Learn about the continued support Daimer® offers its customers
  over the lifetime of each KleenJet® steam cleaner.

gum removal, chewing gum removal