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compare gum removal equipment
gum removal, chewing gum removal

compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Earn up to $100 a Day as a Gum Removal Contractor

Follow this 8-step guide to purchasing an industrial-strength
machine that will make short work of big jobs.

Gum waste poses a serious problem for large institutions and businesses because sticky, unsightly wads cannot be removed with standard cleaning equipment. Cold and hot water pressure washers? These systems do not generate the high temperatures required to dissolve gum. Steam cleaners? Machines without an integrated vacuum are ineffective at cleaning standard gum wads and are incapable of removing the most stubborn gum deposits.

The most effective equipment for this job is an industrial-strength gum remover with an extraction system and dissolving solution. Fortunately for you, most organizations do not own gum removal equipment, so the market is endless, particularly during the school year and warmer weather. Here is everything you need to know to purchase a gum remover machine that can earn up to $100 per day.

1) An advanced Chewing Gum Removal System.

Daimer®'s Gum Exterminator® machines sport a dual steam squeegee head/tool with an oversized, no-rust industrial steel scrubbing brush. The threaded brush screws onto the squeegee device. Each Daimer® unit includes 6 gum removal brushes.

Some competitors offer no gum tool. Instead their machines include a steam lance onto which small-diameter brushes snap rather than screw - as a result, the brushes fall off frequently and make basic cleaning jobs arduous and time-consuming. These small, low-cost, brass brushes wear out quickly.

2) Biodegradable, Concentrated Gum Dissolving Liquid.

Daimer® offers an economical, highly-concentrated, formula that saves users money. While competitors typically charge more than $300 for enough to make 10 gallons of diluted product, Daimer®'s re-engineered formula is priced at $44 for enough concentrate to make as much as 11 gallons. The solution is also homogenous and requires no mixing.

3) A bundles Industrial Steam Vacuum.

Extraction eliminates wiping, speeds cleanup, and removes gum wads completely. Gum removers that lack a vacuum require more cleaning time per gum wad.

4) Advanced Engineering and Design

Daimer®s GUM-EXTERMINATOR® chewing gum removal machines are based on the company's KleenJet® industrial steam cleaning technology. These gum removers offer productivity-improving technologies, including: commercial sized stainless steel boiler units, removable heating rods for increased durability, and auto-regulated refill chambers for non-stop, continuous cleaning. Boilers are warranteed for the life of the machine.

5) Industrial Temperatures and Pressure.

Daimer® gum removal equipment is available in configurations capable of generating pressure levels that can hit 125 psi and steam as hot as 386ºF.

6) Numerous Add-ons

Daimer® gum removal machines include more 36 add-ons. As a result each dual-function GUM-EXTERMINATOR® functions as an industrial steam cleaner/vacuum capable of cleaning hard surfaces, such as, vinyl/VCT flooring, hard wood floors, tile and grout, as well as cleaning spots and stains from carpet and upholstery.

7) Advanced Technology

In addition to steam vac gum systems in a range of pressures levels and temperatures, the company offers a specialized line of CVGP machines with sanitization features including: HEPA and water filtrations for allergen removal, and antibacterial systems based on the company's EPA-compliant ATIS® technology.

8) A Reliable Supplier

Daimer® sells a complete range of gum remover equipment designed to match a variety of budgets and applications. The gum removing line is composed of 12 machines, including six 60 Hz systems and six 50 Hz systems (for non-North American customers). Gum Exterminator® technology has been on the market for more than 25 years.

gum removal, chewing gum removal