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compare gum removal equipment
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compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Steam Cleaning Vs Pressure Washing:
Effective Sidewalk Gum Removal

Clean, well-kept roads, sidewalks, and public buildings reflect the professionalism and efficiency of municipality services. Cleanliness can also boost tourism. As a result, city maintenance services try to keep buildings, roads and other public areas clean, welcoming, and usable. However, this is not easy, especially when people carelessly discard chewing gum in public spaces. You can find wads of gum stuck to park benches, roads, sidewalks, sports facilities, bus and train stations, parking lots, brick, concrete, and other areas. To address the problem, cleaning professionals need to find the best machines for effective gum elimination.

Steam Power for Sidewalk Gum Removal

To remove gum from sidewalk, most cleaning professionals opt for steam cleaning machines with chewing gum removal capabilities. However, not all chewing gum removal equipment is created alike. Advanced technologies can remove gum quickly and easily from most surfaces. By combining high steam temperatures, a stainless steel brush, gum cleaning solutions and vacuum extraction features, steam cleaning machines in Daimer®'s Gum Exterminator® line produce the best gum removal results.

A top-grade chewing gum removal machine from Daimer® uses the unique GUM EXTERMINATOR® kit to remove gum wads at a rapid rate. The steam cleaner's high steam temperatures up to 386°F and the gum solution work together to dissolve and soften gum residues. In addition, the stainless steel brushes help agitate and loosen the gum residues. The vacuum extraction feature then removes traces of the gum residue and moisture. This method of cleaning speeds the chewing gum elimination process by allowing you to clean and extract the gum residues simultaneously.

Opting for Pressure Washers

While steam cleaners are the most efficient machines on the market for chewing gum removal from sidewalk & concrete, municipalities face a variety of other applications. Public areas like roads, driveways, parking lots and buildings demand rigorous cleaning on a regular basis. Steam cleaning machines are not equipped for such heavy-duty cleaning jobs due to their lack of high pressure. For these applications, a pressure washer is ideal. Municipalities and maintenance departments are now in luck because Daimer® offers steam pressure washers that can handle a range of applications, including sidewalk chewing gum removal.

Daimer®'s Super Max™ SP series of pressure washers boasts Super-HOT™ technology, ensuring optimum temperature levels of 330°F are used at all times. Combining this high temperature level with high pressure levels enables maintenance works to dissolve gum and blast softened residues away. Steam pressure washers are also the ideal system for handling degreasing and other difficult industrial cleaning applications.

To perform consistently in the most demanding conditions and offer the best gum removing results, pressure washers must be made of high-quality components. You can ensure this if you are careful to make your purchase from Daimer®, the industry's leading provider.

To simplify the cleaning process and enhance the results, advanced pressure cleaning machines from Daimer® now feature numerous attachments and accessories, such as extension hoses, wet sandblasting systems, and multi-user spray guns.

For a range of municipal maintenance applications, consider the array of cleaning machines available at Daimer®. Whether you choose the gum removing power of GUM EXTERMINATOR® chewing gum removal machines or Super Max™ steam pressure washers, you are sure to find a machine that offers the power and durability you need.

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