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compare gum removal equipment
gum removal, chewing gum removal

compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Removing Gum with Super MaxT Steam Pressure Washers

The sight of chewing gum stuck on brick, concrete, floors, walls, sidewalks, parking lots, and other surfaces in places like schools, hospitals, driveways, malls, offices, government establishment and even religious centers is offensive. Chewing gum on business premises can make the company seem unprofessional and turn away customers. Until a few years back, it was hard to find reliable chewing gum removal equipment. However, now there are plenty of gum steam cleaner machines and steam pressure washers that take the hard work out of gum removal.

Fighting Gum with Steam Power

Steam cleaning machines are second to none when it comes to removing dirt, oil or grime from a variety of surfaces. The high steam temperatures combined with anti-bacterial technology also disinfect and sanitize. However, the latest models of steam cleaners work effectively as chewing gum removal machines when paired with a specialized gum removal kit.

Daimer Industries®, a leading global provider and exporter of cleaning machines and green chemicals, offers a line of specialized GUM EXTERMINATOR® chewing gum removal equipment that combine high temperatures, extraction, a specialized cleaning solution, and a stainless steel brush. Capable of rapidly removing chewing gum from concrete and a variety of other surfaces, these chewing gum removal machines include the 1000CVG, 1000CVGP, 3000CVG, 3000CVGP, 5000CVG, and 5000CVGP. The "P" designation indicates that these versatile systems boast ATIS® anti-bacterial technology as well.

However, there are many commercial and industrial operators that require high steam temperatures and high pressure levels for various additional applications. A gum steam cleaner simply cannot attain the high pressure levels required for industrial tasks, like degreasing. With a maximum pressure level of 125 psi, the GUM EXTERMINATOR® chewing gum removal machine line is effective in dissolving and extracting gum stains completely, not blasting grease off machinery and other surfaces. Though, it is quite uneconomical to purchase two machines: one for gum removal and one for industrial cleaning.

Steam pressure washers, within Daimer's Super MaxT line, are the answer. These systems combine super-heated steam with high pressure levels to handle demanding applications, as well as chewing gum removal. Steam at extremely high temperatures quickly dissolves gum. Steam pressure cleaners do not require vacuum extraction as they blast away residues with high pressure levels, rather than extracting softened residues into an extraction chamber.

Other Exceptional Technologies

The powerful gum extraction capability of chewing gum remover pressure washers can be attributed to their pressure levels of up to 3000 PSI and high steam temperatures of up to 330°F. Top-quality steam cleaning machines feature other advanced features such as high quality, stainless steel components designed to prolong the life of Daimer's equipment. Daimer's unique Super-HOTT technology, included with all Super MaxT steam-only pressure washers, ensures the highest steam temperatures at all times.

In addition to cleaning chewing gum, steam pressure cleaners also serve lots of other cleaning tasks such as auto detailing, graffiti removal, maintaining parking lots, removing grease, cleaning buildings and industrial areas, odor removal, and a host of other applications. Thus, a single machine will allow you to successfully accomplish a range of cleaning jobs.

Whether selecting gum steam cleaners or steam pressure washers, remember that purchasing from a trusted supplier is key. Daimer Industries® offers both power and durability when it comes to its gum steam cleaners and other cleaning machines. Comprised of the highest quality components, each Daimer system is built to last.

gum removal, chewing gum removal