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compare gum removal equipment
gum removal, chewing gum removal

compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Sports Arena Applications - Chewing Gum Removal on Concrete with Daimer®'s GUM EXTERMINATOR® Gum Removal Machines

Visiting sports stadiums and arenas to take in a game is a past time loved by many. However, it also happens to be a past time that results in one of the toughest cleaning applications of all time - removing gum removal on concrete, seats, floors, and other areas and surfaces in sports arenas. Sports fans stick gum underneath seats and drop gum wads onto floors. Gum that does not stick back to clothing or shoes often grinds into the surface, leaving hideous stains. This leaves the challenging task of concrete gum removal to the maintenance workers of sports arenas.

Concrete Gum Removal Machines

Since DaimerŽ introduced its line of GUM EXTERMINATORŽ concrete gum removal machines, maintenance professionals have continued to rely on DaimerŽ for their gum removal from concrete needs. Whether facing gum removal on sidewalks outside the facility, concrete floors, hard seats, and more, maintenance professionals can accomplish gum cleaning tasks with ease with a Gum ExterminatorŽ gum removal machine.

Unlike other, less powerful systems on the market, gum removal from concrete and other surfaces can be completed at a rapid rate. This enables stadium workers to spend less time removing gum and more time facing other challenging tasks, like drink and food spills and other demanding applications.

DaimerŽ's concrete gum removal equipment works by combining several essential features. The high steam temperatures combined with a specialized solution work to soften and dissolve even the oldest gum residues and stains. The rugged stainless steel brush agitates and further breaks down gum deposits. Lastly, an attached vacuum concurrently extracts the softened, dissolved gum stains and deposits. This overall action results in complete gum removal on concrete and other surfaces.

Many systems on the market currently remove only the gum wad, yet still leave unsightly stains. Other systems work too slowly, greatly reducing the productivity of stadium maintenance professionals. Therefore, there is only one solution to get gum off concrete completely in sports stadiums and arenas - DaimerŽ GUM EXTERMINATORŽ machines.


gum removal, chewing gum removal