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compare gum removal equipment
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compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Eliminate Chewing Gum in Schools and Universities
with Daimer® Gum Exterminator® Machines

In schools and universities it is quite common to find kids and teenagers continually chewing gum. This tendency to keep their mouths busy can mean extra work for cleaning professionals. After all, discarded wads of chewing gum can get stuck any where - on study tables, desks, floors, carpets, bus seats, walls, playgrounds, walkways, chairs, and more. Educational institutions often feature a higher concentration of chewing gum wads than other facilities. Since chewing gum can take hold on to surfaces quite stubbornly, you need the right gum removing machine to remove the gum and its stains completely.

So what can actually be called the right gum removing machine? The answer is the new generation of steam cleaners by Daimer®. These gum removing machine systems eject super-hot steam to dissolve and soften even the hardest gum residues. The attachments and accessories that come along with these floor steam cleaners do a great job of clearing up all traces of gum residue.

Simply browse online and you will be amazed by the staggering variety of chewing gum removal equipment available in the market today. However, do not assume that all these machines are equally reliable and efficient when it comes to eliminating chewing gum. Daimer's top-grade steam cleaners are set above the rest by utilizing special GUM-EXTERMINATOR® technology, including a gum removal solution, stainless steel brush, high steam temperatures, and simultaneous extraction.

Combining the power of each component, each Gum Exterminator® chewing gum removal machine can remove chewing gum residues at a rate of up to 500 wads in an hour. Steam temperatures up to 386°F and the special gum solutions soften gum stains. The stainless steel brush breaks up hard deposits.

However, the vacuum extraction is one exceptional feature of these steam cleaning machines. Vacuum extraction enables more effective gum elimination than can be accomplished with steam cleaning alone. Extraction is especially beneficial for completely removing residues of gum wads. Many of Daimer®'s powerful chewing gum removal machines also feature HEPA filtration system to help maintain the quality of air inside classrooms.

The best models on the market also feature innovative technologies that not only enhance cleaning power, but also the efficiency of the machine itself. Daimer's self-cleaning boiler system helps prevent any harmful buildup within the boiler, while the removable heating rods do away with the need to replace the entire heating system in case of failure.

To remove chewing gum wads that have been stuck on the floors or furniture of educational institutions for 20 hours or over 20 years, consider the top gum removing machine systems in the Gum Exterminator® line by Daimer®.