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compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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GUM EXTERMINATOR® Gum Removal Machines
for Cleaning Professionals

Chewing gum residues are a concern for business owners and cleaning professionals alike. Hardened gum deposits leave stains that can detract from the appearance of any business. Wads of gum under tables and on chairs create an unhygienic environment that can deter customers. However, removal of these sticky residues from brick, pavement, sidewalks, concrete, and other surfaces can be extremely difficult and time consuming. So it is important to use the most advanced chewing gum removal machines, such as steam cleaning equipment empowered with gum removing technologies.

If you are a cleaning professional or run your own business, you know how valuable it would be to have a chewing gum removal machine that enables easy removal of gum and helps reduce the time required for cleaning. The best gum removing machines from Daimer® have been designed to offer rapid, easy and complete removal of chewing gum wads, which is why Daimer®'s systems are highly sought after and essential while tackling cleaning jobs like gum removal in restaurants, schools, hospitals, public buildings, religious centers, theaters, stores, and other facilities. In addition to boosting the productivity, these floor cleaners improve your professional image.

How Do These Systems Work?

Now let us take a closer look at how a steam cleaner with gum extraction capabilities works. These steam cleaning machines combine super-hot steam, gum cleaning solutions, agitation with brushes, and vacuum extraction for effective gum removal from sidewalks, roads, concrete and other hard surfaces. While hot steam of up to 330°F softens the gum, cleaning solutions dissolve the gum and its residues. The stainless steel brush then agitates the wad of gum to remove blotches and stains. Finally, the vacuum extraction technology cleans up the entire mess by extracting the gum and moisture, and depositing it into an extraction tank. This single chewing gum removal machine is all you need to soften, dissolve, agitate, and extract the toughest gum residues. This is a plus for cleaning professionals, since they need not carry lots of cleaning equipment or attachments.

Why Are These Gum Removal Machines So Effective?

Vacuum extraction is found only in the best steam gum cleaners from Daimer®. Since cleaning and extraction takes place simultaneously, cleaning professionals can reduce cleaning time and accomplish better results. Without vacuum extraction, cleaning professionals have to manually wipe away softened gum residues or use or a separate vacuum extraction machine after the steam cleaning process. This translates into extra effort and time. However, with quality KleenJet® steam cleaner equipment, the cleaning process gets completed fast.

Other notable technologies in Daimer's GUM EXTERMINATOR® chewing gum removal machines include HEPA filtration, replaceable heating elements, and boiler systems with self-cleaning capabilities. The HEPA filter enhances the quality of indoor air by eliminating dust, pollen and allergens. With removable heating elements, you no longer have to worry about replacing the entire heating system in the event of failure, as required by less durable equipment. And the self-cleaning technology of boilers prevents harmful deposits from building up within the boiler.

Daimer® steam gum cleaners also include continuous refill technology. This technology enables users to refill the machine without shutting the machine, refilling, and reheating, a process required by other brands.

To enhance productivity, improve the appearance of your business, and ensure the long life of your steam cleaner investment, purchase top gum eliminating systems from Daimer®.