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compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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Gum Stains for Concrete and other Hard Surfaces?
Try Daimer® Steam Gum Removal Machines!

When you take a look around at concrete, brick, pavement, sidewalks, parking lots, walkways, brick and other outside hard surfaces, you are sure to see many unsightly chewing gum wads. This is true regardless of whether the chewing gum is on the grounds around a school, hospital, mall, office, movie theater, hotel, or even religious establishment. No matter how attractive the buildings and landscapes, chewing gum stains are absolutely ugly and create a poor image. This is why business owners and maintenance professionals pay extra attention to cleaning chewing gum.

When you spot chewing gum stuck to hard surfaces, it may seem natural to reach for a pressure washer. However, pressure washers are not always the right tool for the job. If the area you need to clean has limited drainage or no access to a water supply, steam gum cleaner machines will be a better choice for removing gum residues.

Steam cleaning machines, used by top gum removal business professionals, are renowned for their amazing cleaning power that effectively eliminates almost all kinds of stains, dirt and grime from a range of surfaces. Similarly, steam gum cleaner machines are exceptional when it comes to chewing gum removal on concrete. By ejecting low moisture, super-heated steam at high pressure levels, steam cleaners succeed in quickly softening, dissolving and extracting the gum residues better than traditional pressure washers. Steam cleaners are the best environmentally safe machines for spot cleaning gum stains.

Whether you are looking to start your own chewing gum removal business or simply remove gum from surfaces in your business, Daimer® is your source. Daimer®, the industry's leading provider of cleaning machines and green chemicals, now offers an exclusive line of GUM EXTERMINATOR® steam cleaning systems designed specifically for any chewing gum removal business. KleenJet® steam cleaners designed for removing chewing gum from concrete, pavement, and most other surfaces are capable of attaining high steam temperatures of up to 386°F. Additional features include a stainless steel brush, simultaneous extraction, and a gum removal solution for advanced chewing gum cleaning capabilities.

Vacuum extraction, as included with all GUM EXTERMINATOR® systems for chewing gum removal business applications, is essential when removing gum. This feature ensures that gum residues are removed completely and quickly, a necessity in any chewing gum removal business. In fact, Daimer®'s top versions of gum cleaner machines offer a rapid rate of gum removal to greatly increases the productivity of any gum removal business.

In addition to cleaning off gum wads, gum cleaner machines also serve lots of other functions such as bathroom cleaning, carpet spot stain removal, glass cleaning, linoleum and vinyl floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, odor removal, and disinfecting, with the added ATIS® technology included with KleenJet® CVGP models.

Other notable features of Daimer®'s quality chewing gum removal machines include boiler systems with self-cleaning technology and removable heating rods. Self-cleaning boilers are capable of preventing the build-up of harmful scale deposits within the boiler so that the steam cleaning machine will continue to function in top form for years. If the heating system in a traditional steam cleaner quits functioning, the advice you would probably receive is to replace the entire boiler. However, thanks to the replaceable heating rods in KleenJet® new-generation steam cleaners, you do not have to carry out such expensive replacements by simply changing rods only.

Gum can quickly become a problem when it adheres to hard surfaces. To ensure your gum removal business removes gum residues safely and completely, select the industry's top chewing gum removal equipment by Daimer®.