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compare gum removal equipment
gum removal, chewing gum removal

compare gum removal equipment

compare gum removal equipment

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About Us

Daimer Industries® is a global exporter and supplier of the most technologically advanced cleaning machines and green chemicals. Daimer® prides itself on providing high quality, powerful equipment that can tackle virtually any applications. Daimer's line of GUM EXTERMINATOR® gum removal steam cleaners stand up to this reputation.

GUM EXTERMINATOR® steam cleaners offer enhanced gum removal capabilities by utilizing the powerful combination of high steam temperatures, vacuum extraction, a gum removal solution, and durable stainless steel brush. All of these components are necessary for complete gum removal results, and all are standard with Gum Exterminator® CVG and CVGP systems.

For added cleaning capabilities, CVGP models come paired with ATIS, Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization, anti-bacterial technology. Proven in independent laboratory tests, this technology kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces.

To learn more about Daimer® and its advanced cleaning systems, visit www.daimer.com. To view Daimer's extensive line of gum removal equipment, Click Here.

If you have any questions regarding Gum Exterminator® gum removal equipment, we urge you to contact a product specialist at 800-471-7157 or by email at sales@daimer.com. You may also use the contact form to the right of this page.


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